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The Council of Institutional Investors is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are deeply committed to good corporate governance and investor protection. The 15 directors represent public, union and corporate employee benefit funds across the country.

Board members at the July 24, 2013 meeting in Washington, DC. Standing, from left to right: Carol Nolan Drake, Meredith Miller, David Kushner, Anne Sheehan, Pat O'Neill, Dannette Smith, Jane Hamblen, Mike McCauley, Carin Zelenko. Seated: Jay Chaudhuri, Gianna McCarthy, Theresa Whitmarsh, Anne Simpson.

Board Officers
Anne Sheehan Chair: Anne Sheehan
Director of Corporate Governance
California State Teachers' Retirement System
Jay Chaudhuri Co-Chair: Jay Chaudhuri
General Counsel & Senior Policy Advisor to the State Treasurer
North Carolina Retirement Systems
Carol Nolan Drake Treasurer: Carol Nolan Drake
Chief External Affairs Officer
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
Pat O'Neill Co-Chair: Patrick O’Neill
Executive Vice President
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
Randi Weingarten Secretary: Randi Weingarten
American Federation of Teachers
Susan Permut Co-Chair: Susan Permut
Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel
Non-Officer Board Members
Jane Hamblen Jane Hamblen
Chief Legal Counsel
State of Wisconsin Investment Board
David Kushner David Kushner
Chief Investment Officer
Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association
Gianna McCarthy
Director of Corporate Governance
New York State Common Retirement Fund
Michael McCauley Michael McCauley
Senior Officer of Investment Programs & Governance
Florida State Board of Administration
Meredith Miller Meredith Miller
Chief Corporate Governance Officer
UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust
Anne Simpson Anne Simpson
Senior Portfolio Manager
California Public Employees’ Retirement System
Dannette Smith Dannette Smith
Secretary to the Board 
UnitedHealth Group
Theresa Whitmarsh Theresa Whitmarsh
Executive Director
Washington State Investment Board
Carin Zelenko Carin Zelenko
Director of the Capital Strategies Department
International Brotherhood of Teamsters