Council of Institutional Investors

Universal Proxy

CII believes that in contested director elections, management and dissidents should provide shareowners with proxy cards that list all director nominees.

"Universal" proxy cards would let shareowners vote for whomever they wish to represent them on corporate boards. This is a vital consideration in proxy contests, since board seats and in some cases board control are at stake. It would also make for a fairer, less cumbersome voting process. 

On October 26, 2016, the SEC proposed rulemaking to institute this much-needed reform. CII has made available a brief FAQ on why it supports the commission's proposal.

CII had asked the SEC to amend its rules so that each side in a proxy contest can distribute universal proxy cards listing all director nominees (see Correspondence below).

Currently, shareowners have limited ability to vote for a mix of management and dissident nominees. This is because the SEC’s “bona fide nominee” rule, adopted in 1966, requires opposing sides in a proxy contest to obtain consent before listing opposing candidates. The SEC’s 1992 “short slate” rule provides a carve-out from the consent requirement when a shareowner nominates candidates representing a minority of the board. In such cases, dissidents can list their preferred combination of shareowner and management nominees. But the short slate rule does not allow for full “mix and match” capability.

The SEC Investor Advisory Committee has recommended that the commission explore relaxing the bona fide nominee rule.

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