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The Council of Institutional Investors' committees provide members with opportunities to get involved and engage with other members on a variety of issues. Additional information on each committee is available in our Members Dashboard.

Activism Committee
The Activism Committee is open to all CII members. Its purpose is to encourage members to discuss and recommend current and future member initiatives and CII activities that promote effective corporate governance and increase the participation of CII members in advocating good corporate governance. For more information, contact staff liaison Rosemary Lally.
Co-Chairs: John Abraham, Co-Director, Center for Workers' Benefits & Capital Strategies Research & Strategic Initiatives Dept, American Federation of Teachers Pension Plan & John Keenan, Corporate Governance Analyst, AFSCME Employees Pension Plan

International Governance Committee
The International Governance Committee is open to all CII members. The committee educates members on topical international governance issues and identifies and recommends potential areas for CII involvement in the non-U.S. corporate governance arena. It also works to expand coordination and communication between CII and various international governance organizations. For more information, contact staff liaison Glenn Davis.
Co-Chairs: John Barger, Chair, Board of Investments, Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA); Mohani Maharaj, Corporate Governance Analyst, TIAA-CREF
Policies Committee
The Policies Committee is comprised of the non-officer members of CII's Board of Directors. The committee reviews, maintains and updates CII policies on corporate governance and other issues. CII corporate governance policies set standards or recommend practices that members believe companies and boards of directors should adopt to promote accountability, independence, integrity, rigor and transparency. The Policies Committee proposes policies to the full board for its approval. All CII policies must be approved by the General Members. For more information, contact staff liaison Glenn Davis.
Chair: Carol Nolan Drake, Chief External Affairs Officer, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System