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May I attend CII conferences if my dues haven’t been paid? No. CII conferences are members-only events.  If you are unsure about your membership status, please email or call 202.822.0800.

Are there additional fees to attend a CII conference? No. The cost of attendance is included in your membership dues.

May I attend a CII conference as a prospect? Yes. Prospective members are welcome to attend our meetings on a one-time basis. Please contact our membership services manager Bethany Murphy  at 202.822.0800 for more information.

How many attendees can my organization send to Council conferences? 

General Members may send an unlimited number of attendees.  

Honorary International Participant organizations may send up to two attendees per conference.

Conference attendance for Educational Sustainers is based on annual membership dues as follows:

Amount of Employees (Globally) Annual Dues Attendees per conference
5 or fewer $4,500 1
5 to 25 $8,000  4
26 to 2500 $12,000 4
Greater than 2500 $15,000 5

What type of member am I?  General Members are employee benefit plans, state and local agencies officially charged with the investment of plan assets, non-profit endowment funds and non-profit foundations. However, private-sector employee benefit plans may not join as General Members if the plan or plan sponsor's primary line of business includes providing financial, consulting, legal or other services to institutional investors. Educational Sustainers are any other individual, institution or association interested in the work of CII. Honorary International Participants are non U.S. organiziations that do not have material operations in the United States. Please refer to the color coded guide in the conference booklet for your membership type. If you have additional questions, please email or call 202.822.0800.

May I register multiple colleagues to attend events on a rotating basis? No. Educational Sustainer and Honorary International Participant members are only allowed to send up to five and two attendees, respectively.

May I bring materials to the conference? Yes. CII members are free to bring materials to the conference to be distributed via our materials table, typically located next to the registration desk. If you plan to take advantage of this benefit, please contact CII at 202.822.0800 to obtain the shipping information.

Does CII provide any opportunities for members to sponsor dinners, meetings, or events? Yes. Please see the meeting event page for details. Members are welcome to coordinate events around our conference, subject to the following guidelines:
  • Member affiliate events cannot overlap CII events
  • Requests will be handled in the order they are received
  • All billing will be direct with the hotel
  • Space and times are limited; your event may be held concurrently with another affiliate event
What is the dress code for CII conferences and functions? All CII functions are business professional dress unless otherwise noted.

What type of security protocols are in place during CII conferences? CII takes security at our functions seriously. Security personnel are on site for all sessions and receptions. All attendees are required to check-in at registration upon arrival to obtain a name badge and pertinent conference information. All attendees must wear their name badge in plain sight for admission to all conference sessions and receptions. Members and guests not wearing the proper name badge will not be admitted to any CII functions.

What meetings are considered “closed”? The conference agenda denotes which meetings are open to particular members. Most meetings are open to all CII members, except for the constituency and business meetings. 

May I recommend a speaker or topic for a CII event? Yes!  Please send suggestions to

I have a special dietary request for meals at a CII conference. Who do I contact? Be sure to include the information with your registration.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.