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CII Submits Letter to WSJ  on Fee-Shifting Bylaws

CII submitted a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal in response to a November 14, 2014 op-ed by Lisa A. Rickard, entitled, “Delaware Flirts with Encouraging Shareholder Lawsuits.” In the letter, CII's General Counsel Jeff Mahoney states that the author's comments provide more spin than truth with her claim that Delaware's reputation as a fair and hospitable business locale is at risk. The truth is that earlier this year the Delaware legislature attempted to limit the impact of the May 2014 Delaware Supreme Court decision in ATP Tour case and that this, and other actions, will likely benefit, not harm, Delaware's reputation. Read more...


CII Releases Roundtable Report on Shareholder Proposal Process

What values do those involved in the shareholder process share in common? Where is there room for improvement? Earlier this year CII convened an investor-company roundtable to discuss areas of common ground and concern. A report highlighting key takeaways from the roundtable is available in the Special Reports section.

CII Publishes Guides to Delegated Proxy Voting and Securities Litigation

CII released two guides for fund fiduciaries. “Monitoring Delegated Proxy Voting: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask” is a guide for fiduciaries who delegate proxy voting to investment managers or agents and is designed to help them benchmark their practices and exercise oversight and monitoring. CII also published “Participating in Foreign Securities Fraud Litigation: Top 10 Considerations for Institutional Investors.” This guide provides institutional investors with a starting point for considering whether to participate in securities fraud litigation outside the United States. Both guides are in the members-only Guides to Governance Basics library.

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