Council of Institutional Investors

CII Advocacy Priorities

CII’s priority issues for advocacy for 2022 generally fall into three categories and are grounded in CII’ member-approved policies - click the links below for more information.
Investor Rights & Protections:
  • Voting rights in proportion to equity & time-based “sunset” provisions for dual-class stock
  • Ensuring that investors have independent proxy research
  • Claw backs of unearned executive compensation
  • Right of shareholders to express their voice via proposals on company ballots
  • Universal proxy cards
Corporate Disclosure - CII generally supports required disclosure of:
  • Climate change risk metrics
  • Diversity of the boards and executive officers 
  • Key workforce metrics
  • Transparency and safeguards around executive trading in company stock
  • Enhanced transparency of share buybacks
  • Transparency of executive compensation
Market Systems & Structure:
  • End-to-end vote confirmation
  • Stock exchange operations and governance