Council of Institutional Investors

Thursday, January 29, 2015
by: Rosemary Lally

Section: CII Governance Alert

SEC to Host Roundtable Discussing Universal Proxy Ballots
The SEC announced January 27 that it will host a roundtable on Thursday, February 19, featuring two panel discussions. The first panel will focus on the state of contested director elections and whether changes should be made to the federal proxy rules to facilitate the use of universal proxy ballots by management and proxy contestants. This panel also will discuss the state law, logistical, and disclosure issues presented by a possible universal proxy ballot process. The Council has been a staunch advocate of universal proxy ballots. In August, CII’s Advisory Council members submitted a petition for rulemaking to the SEC on this issue, and CII has sent the commission multiple letters asking it to amend its rules so that each side in a proxy contest can distribute universal proxy cards listing all director nominees. The SEC’s second panel discussion will focus on strategies for increasing retail shareholder participation in the proxy process.

Pension Funds Seek Qualified Applicants
Two pension funds are seeking qualified applicants for job openings. The Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota is seeking an executive director, and the Oregon State Treasury is looking for a senior private equity investment officer. Information about each position and more information about how to apply can be found on the Member Job Board on the Council’s Web site.
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