Section: January 12, 2023 | Vol. 28, Issue 2
14 CII Members Shared Proxy Season Plans During Shareholder Advocacy Committee Webinar
One hundred sixty members logged on to CII’s Shareholder Advocacy Committee January 10 webinar that featured 14 member representatives sharing their plans for the 2023 proxy season.
McRitchie Launches Effort to Rein in Advance Notice Bylaws
Shareholder activist James McRitchie is filing proposals at 29 companies aimed at curbing a wave of advanced-notice bylaws sparked by the introduction last year of universal proxy cards in contested board elections.
Delaware Court Once Again Raises Concerns about Provisions in De-SPAC Mergers
The Delaware Court of Chancery recently handed down another decision that signals its skepticism about de-SPAC transactions.
SEC Appoints Chief Accountant, Investor Advocate
This week the SEC announced the appointment of a new chief accountant and new director of the Office of Investor Advocate.
NLPC Independent Board Chair Proposal Targets Visa CEO for ‘Wokeness’
At Visa’s January 24 annual meeting, shareholders will vote on a proposal filed by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) asking the company to amend its bylaws to require that the board chair be independent.