Council of Institutional Investors

Section: December 23, 2021 | Vol 26, Issue 47
Proxy Voting Group Launches Vote Confirmation for 2022
End-to-end vote confirmation has long been a holy grail for institutional investors frustrated by their inability to be sure the proxy votes they cast were counted fully and accurately.
SEC Switches Approach to No-Action Decisions
The SEC just reversed the approach to no-action decisions that it adopted in 2019 and will once again be issuing written responses.
SEC Commissioner Resigns, New Director of Investment Management Named
The SEC is losing a commissioner and gaining a new director of investment management.
Teamsters Proposal Seeks ‘Just Transition’ at Marathon Petroleum
The Teamsters filed a proposal asking Marathon Petroleum to issue a report next year on how it plans to respond to the social effect of its climate change strategy on workers and communities.