Council of Institutional Investors

Section: January 6, 2022 | Vol 27, Issue 1 (Q4)
BlackRock Reports Lower Support for Environmental and Social Shareholder Proposals
BlackRock said it supported just 26 of the 399 (fewer than 7%) shareholder proposals on environmental and social issues that it voted on at annual meetings globally in the 12 months that ended June 30, 2023.
Banks Failures Put Focus Back on Clawbacks

Following the collapses of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, President Joe Biden, Congress and the Department of Justice have turned their attention to clawing back executive compensation.
Governance News this Week
The say-on-pay proposal at Apple’s March 10 annual meeting received the support of 89% of the votes cast, and just two of the five shareholder proposals on the company’s proxy ballot garnered substantial support.
Governance News this Week
The SEC just announced that it will vote October 26 on whether to adopt rules to implement the clawback provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
CII’s Accomplishments in Q3
During the fall conference, U.S. Asset Owner members overwhelmingly approved an amendment to CII’s corporate governance policies that redefines what CII considers “over-boarding.”
CII’s Accomplishments in Q3

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CII Asks Congress to Incorporate Multi-Class Accountability Act into JOBS Act 4.0
In a June 2 letter to Senate Banking Committee Chair Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Ranking Committee Member Pat Toomey (R-Penn.), CII urged Congress to include the Multi-Class Accountability Act in the JOBS Act 4.0. The letter also strongly opposed several provisions in the discussion draft of JOBS Act 4.0.
Membership News (Q4)
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New job postings from CII members
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CII Recommends Rescinding Proxy Voting Rules, Also Makes Suggestions for Changes
In a December 23 letter, CII encouraged the SEC to rescind the commission’s 2020 proxy advisor rules in their entirety, but also offered suggestions on how to improve the proposed changes.
Theranos Trial Spotlights Risks Related to Poor Governance Practices
Much of the evidence uncovered during the recent high profile Theranos trial provided prime examples of the serious risks companies can experience as a result of poor governance practices.
Court Rejects Dismissal of Suit that Could Broaden Application of Anti-Greenmail Statute
An Ohio court in mid-December rejected a motion to dismiss a derivative suit alleging that two activist funds, Ancora Advisors and Macellum Capital Management, violated Ohio’s greenmail disgorgement law by selling shares after settling a proxy contest.
News from the SEC This Quarter (Q4)
News from the SEC This Quarter (Q4)
News from the Department of Labor This Quarter (Q4)
Proposed Rules Reversing Previous Regs on ESG Factors in Investing and Proxy Voting
News from Capitol Hill This Quarter (Q4)
A Roundup of News from Congress
Filed Amicus Brief Highlighting Misalignment of Interests in SPACs
CII filed an amicus brief November 10 supporting a lawsuit that investors in E.Merge Technology Acquisition, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), filed against the SPAC and its sponsors.
Letters on Key Governance Topics (Q4)
During this quarter, CII sent 10 letters on a host of key governance topics being considered by agencies, Congress, exchanges, companies and other entities.
Webinars and Podcasts (Q4)
Webinars and Podcasts (Q4)