Council of Institutional Investors

Section: January 27, 2022 | Vol 27, Issue 4
SEC Reopens Comment Period for Pay-for-Performance Disclosure Requirements
The SEC January 27 reopened the comment period for rules originally proposed in 2015 to implement a section of the Dodd-Frank Act requiring companies to disclose information about the relationship between actual executive pay, as reported in the proxy (with certain adjustments), and company performance, as represented by total shareholder return.
Private Equity Firms and Hedge Funds May be Required to Disclose More to the SEC
The SEC on January 26 proposed amendments to Form PF that would require private equity and hedge funds advisors to make new, more timely filings to the SEC following certain significant events.
New SEC Guidance on Presentation of Shareholder Proposals Makes Allowances for Covid
The SEC on January 19 updated its guidance on the presentation of shareholder proposals at annual meetings in light of covid.
Netflix Finally Agrees to Adopt Popular Governance Reforms
Following many years of majority support for proposals seeking governance reforms at Netflix, the company’s board announced January 20 that it decided to “evolve to a more standard large-cap governance structure.”
NY State Comptroller Urges Companies to Conduct Racial Equity Audits
New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli filed shareholder proposals asking Amazon, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Match Group to conduct independent audits of their practices related to racial equity.
Proposal Asking Costco to Accelerate its GHG Reduction Plan Garners Majority Support
A proposal asking Costco to accelerate its plans to adopt greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets passed at the company’s January 20 annual meeting, receiving 70% of the votes cast.