Council of Institutional Investors

Section: February 17, 2022 | Vol 27, Issue 7
CII Weighs in on Dual-Class Shares and SPACs with European Commission
CII submitted a letter February 15 to the European Commission (EC) backing mandatory sunsets for dual-class shares and more transparency of the conflicts of interest often found in special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).
SEC’s Proposed Changes to 13D Would Shorten Filing Deadlines, Provide Clarity
The SEC February 10 proposed rules that would accelerate the turnaround time for activist investors to file Schedule 13D reports and would make other changes to 13D requirements.
New York Legislature Considers Bill to Promote Sustainability in Fashion Industry
The New York State Assembly and Senate last month introduced identical bills that would require fashion retailers and manufacturers that do business in the state—those with annual worldwide gross revenues in excess of $100 million—to disclose a supply chain map, a social and environmental sustainability report, information about certain “prioritized” environmental and social impacts, and annual reports tracking progress toward risk and impact reduction.
Senators Urge Gensler to Require Funds to Disclose More about Chinese Investments
Five GOP senators sent SEC Chair Gary Gensler a letter February 15 urging the SEC to seek enhanced risk disclosures and due diligence on the part of registered investment funds and their managers, when considering investments in China.