Associate Member Cost

Associate Members are non-voting members of CII and are eligible to serve on CII's Advisory Councils and working committees.

Asset Managers & Non-U.S. Asset Owners: Annual dues for Associate Members who own or manage assets are billed on a calendar year and are calculated based on total assets (AUM). Where possible, CII uses figures reported annually by the Pensions and Investments (P&I) Research Center.  For retirement plan assets, we base dues on total defined benefit (DB) plus defined contribution (DC) assets (or only DB or DC plans if the organization does not have both). Annual membership dues are based on a scale.

Service Providers: Annual membership dues for service provider members are based on the size of the organization, measured by total number of employees.

Asset Managers & Non-U.S. Asset Owners   Service Providers
AUM Range (billions) Annual Dues Cost   Employee Range    Annual Dues Cost   
$0-$10 $3,745   1-10 $3,745
$10-$25 $5,885   11-50 $5,885
$25-$100 $8,025   51-200 $8,025
$100-$400 $9,630   201-1000 $9,630
>$400 $11,235   1001+ $11,235

Membership Applications: Asset Managers | Non-U.S. Asset Owners | Service Provders