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CII records and posts podcasts to better educate CII Members and the general public on trends affecting institutional investors.

What Investors Need to Know about CFIUS - June 28, 2018
Clay Lowery, a former assistant secretary for international affairs at the Treasury Department, talks with CII’s Brandon Whitehill about the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, its pending reforms, and what investors need to know about its investment review process. Download the audio to listen here.
Proxy Advisor Dilligence in Contested Elections - December 20, 2017
Cristiano Guerra, executive director of M&A and contested elections at ISS, talks to CII's Glenn Davis about the work that precedes his team's reports. Download the audio to listen here.
No-Vote Shares and the Business Judgement Rule - July 31, 2017
Charles Elson of the University of Delaware discusses whether Delaware courts will provide “business judgement rule” deference to directors of companies that offer public shareholders only non-voting shares. Judges do not second-guess board decisions under the business judgement rule, which is based in part on the shareholder franchise. Download the audio to listen here.
CII's Majority Voting for Directors Letter Campaign - July 14, 2017
On May 31, CII sent its final batch of majority-vote letters, wrapping up a year-long effort that urged 984  Russell 3000 companies to adopt majority voting standards in the election of uncontested directors. With the campaign’s completion, CII Deputy Director Amy Borrus and Research Analyst Gabriel Morey discuss the methods, results, and takeaways from the majority voting campaign. Download the audio to listen here.
Introducing CII's Study on Multi-Class Stock and Firm Value - May 22, 2017
In a new research paper, CII finds that multi-class common stock with differentiated voting rights has no meaningful effect on long-term performance, as measured by return on invested capital. To read a summary of the results, click here. To read the full report, click here. Download the audio to listen here.
CII's Concerns about the Financial CHOICE Act - May 8, 2017
CII Executive Director Ken Bertsch outlines how key provisions of the House financial deregulation bill would weaken critical shareholder rights, and steps CII is taking to oppose the provisions. Download the audio to listen here.
Investors Push Back on Virtual-Only Annual Meetings - April 18, 2017
CII Director of Research Glenn Davis explains how shareholder meetings conducted entirely online short-change investors—and what CII is doing to persuade companies to use technology to enhance, rather than restrict, shareholder participation. Download the audio to listen here.
Why Indexes Should Say “No” to Non-Voting Shares - April 10, 2017
CII Executive Director Ken Bertsch discusses the Council’s objections to public companies listing non-voting shares and why no-vote shares have no place in stock indexes. Download the audio to listen here.