Current Members

The Council of Institutional Investors has two kinds of members, based on type of organization.  All members can participate in CII conferences and other events and receive CII publications.

U.S. Asset Owner Members
CII’s voting members are U.S.-based asset owners or issuers and include more than 140 public pension funds, corporate and labor funds, and foundations and endowments with more than $4 trillion in combined assets under management. These organizations are members by virtue of the assets that they own in their employee retirement plans, which may be in a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan- or both. Membership in CII includes a plethora of opportunities for fund staff and trustees to get unbiased information about the best practices in corporate governance. For U.S. Asset Owner Members, CII:

  • keeps them up-to-date on governance trends and critical financial regulation via our member e-newsletter, guides and reports, frequent webinars and training courses.
  • provides expertise that members would otherwise have to buy from consultants, lawyers and others. When members call for information, we have it or we get it.
  • offers opportunities, at our spring and fall conferences, for members to network and learn from each other. Many CII corporate members regard our conferences as the place to nurture relationships with their long-term institutional investors.
  • advocates for best practices on behalf of investors. In comment letters and meetings with regulators and other policymakers, CII promotes high-quality standards and market rules based on our member-approved policies.
Associate Members
CII's nonvoting members include 13 non-U.S. asset owners, and more than 70 of the largest U.S. and non-U.S. asset managers with combined assets in excess of $44 trillion. Other non-voting members include more than 90 service providers and law firms. Associate members are eligible to serve on CII’s Corporate Governance and Market Markets Advisory Councils. Both Advisory Councils provide input to CII’s Board of Directors and staff on how to enhance the value of membership in a variety of ways. For Associate Members, CII:
  • offers unparalleled opportunities for governance professionals to learn from and network with other governance pros and stay up-to-date on developments and trends in corporate governance and financial regulation.
  • provides critical business development opportunities, sponsorship opportunties and opportunities for Associate Members to demonstrate their expertise to clients and potential clients at our conferences and events. CII’s spring and fall conferences are the place to nurture relationships with long-term institutional investors.
For more information about joining CII, please see our Why Join page.