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Monday, November 5, 2018

Webinar: The New Audit Report Disclosures - What Are They, and How Might They Benefit Investors?

Start Date: 11/5/2018 1:00 PM EST
End Date: 11/5/2018 2:00 PM EST

Organization Name: The Council of Institutional Investors

Michael Miller
Phone: 202.822.0800

This members-only webinar will highlight specific changes to the auditor’s report that were required beginning this year, such as auditor tenure and independence, and the most significant change—the communication of critical audit matters—required beginning next year. With that background, the primary focus of the webinar will be a discussion on how investors might use the new information to make investing and proxy voting decisions.
  • Jack Ciesielski, President & Portfolio Manager, R.G. Associates, Inc.
  • Dennis McGowan, Technical Director of Professional Practice, Center for Audit Quality
  • Samantha Ross, former special counsel to PCAOB Chair James R. Doty
Moderator: Jeff Mahoney, CII General Counsel