Council of Institutional Investors

Issues & Advocacy

CII educates its members, policymakers and the public about the value of corporate governance, shareowner rights and related investment issues. We also advocate on our members' behalf for effective corporate governance and strong shareowners rights.

Corporate governance is the patchwork of rules and processes that define the relationship of shareowners, management and directors. Effective corporate governance is a system of checks and balances that fosters transparency, responsibility, accountability and market integrity. While it does not guarantee a higher stock price, it is a bulwark against the risk of fraud, reckless behavior or other abuses. For information about academic studies on corporate governance, please contact CII Director of Research Tracy Stewart.

Over the years, CII has developed an extensive body of member-approved policies on corporate governance and other investment-related issues. Many CII corporate governance best practices have been embraced by leading U.S. public companies and institutional investors.

Our organization advocates vigorously for CII policies via speeches, reportsletters and testimony. CII staff and members also engage in discussion with corporate managers and directors, stock exchange officials, regulators and policymakers.

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