Council of Institutional Investors

U.S. Asset Owners Advisory Council

The U.S. Asset Owners Advisory Council advises the CII board and staff on issues, trends, proposed policy development, topics and speakers for CII events and membership benefits and services. The CII Board of Directors appoints up to 20 members annually from all voting member constituencies.
The members of the U.S. Asset Owners Advisory Council for 2022-2023 are: 
Public Pension Funds
Thomas Lee, New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, chair
Gianna McCarthy, New York State Common Retirement System
John Mule, Minnesota State Board of Investment
Andrew Palmer, Maryland State Retirement and Pension System
Leola Ross, Seattle City Employees' Retirement System
Jeffrey Warshauer, State of New Jersey Division of Investment
Corporate Funds
Joseph Bolling, Equifax
Kevin Coleman, Huntington Bancshares
Labor Funds
Jennifer Dodenhoff, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Jeffrey Dokho, United Auto Workers
Edgar Hernandez, Service Employees International Union Pension Fund
Jim Kane, National Education Association
Brandon Rees, AFL-CIO
Endowments, Foundations and Other Funds
Laura Campos, Nathan Cummings Foundation
Chloe Moss, Casey Family Programs
Wendy Pulling, University of California Office of the Chief Investment Officer