Council of Institutional Investors

Section: April 29, 2021 | Vol 26, Issue 16
CII Letter Supports Unwinding 2020 Shareholder Proposal Amendments
CII on Tuesday sent a letter to Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee Chair Sherrod Brown and Ranking Member Pat Toomey strongly supporting the use of the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn 2020 amendments to the SEC’s shareholder proposal rule, which raised proponent eligibility and proposal resubmission requirements.
Harvard Study Casts Doubt on Financial Benefits of Nasdaq’s Proposed Diversity Rules
New rules proposed by Nasdaq to increase diversity at its listed companies could result in lower share prices at those firms, says a new paper by Harvard Law School Professor Jesse Fried for the European Corporate Governance Institute.
Companies Should Consider Ditching Quarterly EPS Guidance, McKinsey Suggests
Companies that suspended their quarterly earnings-per-share (EPS) guidance during the Covid-19 crisis should consider dropping it permanently, says a commentary by McKinsey.
Equilar Charts Early Pay Trends for 2020
While many CEOs took cuts to their salaries and adjustments to their bonus payouts in light of Covid-19, few companies made changes to their long-term incentive plans (LTIPs), reports a study by Equilar and Stanford.
Opposition to Say on Pay Proposals is Growing
Since say on pay was enacted in 2011, median CEO pay has increased nearly every year while the percentage of companies that receive overwhelming approval on this measure has been consistently high.
Upcoming Annual Meetings Featuring Shareholder Proposals Filed by CII Members
Each proxy season, CII highlights upcoming annual meetings at which shareholder proposals filed by CII members will come to votes.