Proxy Voter Group Meetings

What is it? 
The Proxy Voter Working Group is an invitation-only, working group for corporate governance professionals at institutional investor organizations who vote proxies and engage portfolio companies to share their perspectives on voting issues, engagement, shareholder rights and specific company situations, and to discuss potential changes to voting policies or practices.

How does it work?
The PVG brings together stewardship staff at asset owner and asset manager organizations, who sometimes seem to operate in separate camps. The group meets in person twice per year in conjunction with the CII spring and fall conferences and has occasional Zoom calls as needed. The group meets after conferences end, for an informal buffet lunch. There is always beer and wine and most members value the openness of the meetings and the networking time associated with these informal meetings.

How do I participate? Member organizations identify their proxy voting contact upon joining CII and update their contact profile periodically. Individuals may register to attend the private proxy voter working group meetings during the registration process for the spring and fall conferences. 

Please contact Glenn Davis, CII's deputy director, for more information or to ascertain your eligibility to join this group at