Council of Institutional Investors

Engagement Exchange

The Engagement Exchange program is an opportunity for CII  investor and public company members to engage in one-on-one or small group meetings in conjunction with CII’s fall conference. Members may participate in up to four 30-minute meetings at tables scattered throughout the room.

"The exchange was a great way for companies and investors to discuss the most important issues at hand, provide direct feedback on those issues, and build a working relationship for future discussions." - Jacob Williams, Corporate Governance Manager, State Board of Administration of Florida
Who can participate?        
The Engagement Exchange is open to all CII members that are asset owners, asset managers or public companies.

When is it held?
The Engagement Exchange program is held prior to the start of CII fall conferences.

How does it work?
CII staff will canvas all investor and public company members for their interest in participating. Then we send investor members the names of the interested corporate members and ask them to list up to four companies they most want to engage; we will send corporate members the names of interested investor members and ask them to list up to four they wish to engage. We will also solicit a preference for one-on-one or small-group meetings. Then we will do our best to arrange meetings for as many as possible.

How do I participate? Staff notifies current member organizations of the period to send their request to be involved in the Engagement Exchange. Investors and companies are then paired together and meetings are finalized by late August.

Does CII offer other times for private engagement?
Yes, we reserve a few additional meeting rooms during both the spring and fall conferences for members to hold brief private meetings with investors and clients at no additional charge to current CII members. 

What is the Cost?
The Engagement Exchange program is provided as part of the benefits covered by annual CII membership dues. There are no additional costs to participate. 

*These benefits are only available to current organizational members of CII. Prospective new members or guests may not participate. For more information please contact Melissa Fader, Director of Membership at
“CII’s Engagement Exchange was a great opportunity to hold multiple conversations with our shareholders in an efficient setting.” - Kern McPherson, VP, ESG & Shareholder Outreach, Activision Blizzard
“AllianzGI was delighted to take part in the Engagement Exchange at the Cii Fall 2022. It offered us a great opportunity to connect directly and face to face with investor relations teams of companies and engage on a range of ESG issues. Particularly given the geographic size of the US market, we found the programme offers an efficient way of meeting several companies spread across the US and which we can then follow up as needed and virtually, having achieved a constructive first stage or follow up contact.” - David Shammai, Senior Stewardship Analyst, Allianz Global Investors