Sponsorship Opportunities

CII offers current members in good standing opportunities to sponsor select events at our spring and fall conferences. Sponsorship gives members enhanced visibility, brand awareness and networking opportunities with key business and policy decision-makers.

As the premier U.S. shareowner rights organization, CII attracts an influential and diverse audience to its conferences. Typically, we welcome 500 attendees, including executive directors, CIOs and other senior investment professionals of most of the major U.S. institutional investors.  CII also provides opportunities for members to network and learn from each other. CII members regard our conferences as the place to nurture relationships with  long-term institutional investors.

Sponsoring a conference organized by the Council of Institutional Investors (CII) can provide significant value to companies interested in building relationships with institutional investors, promoting their brand, and staying informed about the latest trends and issues in corporate governance and responsible investing.

Here are some potential benefits of sponsoring a CII conference:

Networking opportunities: CII conferences attract a diverse group of institutional investors, including pension funds, endowments, and foundations, as well as other stakeholders such as corporate executives, governance professionals, and academics. Sponsoring a conference can provide companies with the opportunity to network with these key players in the investment community and build relationships that can lead to future business opportunities.

Brand visibility: Sponsoring a CII conference can help companies raise their profile and increase their visibility among institutional investors and other industry stakeholders. Companies can showcase their brand, products, and services through various sponsorships.

Access to thought leadership: CII conferences feature panel discussions, keynote addresses, and other sessions that explore the latest trends and issues in corporate governance and responsible investing. Sponsoring a conference can provide companies with access to this thought leadership, enabling them to stay informed about the latest developments and emerging best practices in the industry.

Opportunity to demonstrate commitment to responsible investing: Sponsoring a CII conference can signal a company's commitment to responsible investing and good corporate governance. This can be particularly important for companies that are looking to strengthen their reputation and build trust with institutional investors and shareholders. 

Exposure to new business opportunities: Sponsoring a CII conference can expose companies to new business opportunities, such as potential partnerships, collaborations, or investment opportunities. By participating in the conference, companies can learn about the needs and priorities of institutional investors and identify areas where they can add value.

Overall, sponsoring a CII conference can provide a valuable platform for companies to engage with institutional investors, build their brand, and stay informed about the latest trends and issues in corporate governance and responsible investing.
Sponsorship opportunities are limited, offering  sponsors maximum exposure. Below are some of the benefits CII members enjoy as a conference sponsor:
  • Greater visibility with institutional investors via signage in the sponsored event space
  • Recognition during the conference
  • Enhanced brand recognition through logo placement and links on conference marketing materials, the mobile app and on CII’s website
  • Increased networking power with additional conference registrations for your organization
  • Opportunities to attend invitation-only events with CII directors and special guests
  • Seating at CII VIP tables
For more information or to request a sponsorship brochure, please contact Melissa Fader.